How quickly crop the photo on the iPhone

Currently iOS 5 offers two ways to crop photos to desired size. Using photo editing directlyfrom the built-in IOS application or using tricks with screenshots. If you prefer speed toresolution, to take advantage of the latter.
Cropping photos using the screenshot:

Open the "Photos" and select the photo you want to crop.
With the touch gestures to enlarge the photo size you want and touch the screen to displayonly photos without panels.
Make a screenshot by pressing the power button and home button simultaneously.
Done. The new photo will be imposed on others in the main photo album. Note thatdepending on the size of screenshot resolution display device. Screenshots of iPhone andiPod 4/4S 4 generations will have a resolution (960 × 640), but older devices will have a480 × 320th The advantage of this option is of course speed.

Cropping a photo by using the features in IOS:

1. First Open the "Photos" and select the photo you want to crop.

2. Second press "Edit" button

3. Press the button for cropping photos..

4. The photos display the grid, you can modify to your liking, the contents of the grid representsa final, trimmed picture.

5. Click the "Crop" and then "Save"

From that, how much to crop the photo, depending on the resolution of the resultingphotographs. The advantage is that although the photo to crop and save, it keeps the original size. If you still go back to the grid, you can expand it to its original size.


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