Claim Rules

1.The provisions.

1.1 Pursuant to the provisions of § 18 of Act no. 250/2007 Coll. Consumer Protection issued by the seller xTechnology Ltd. The following Reclamation, which inform consumers about the scope, conditions and procedures for application of liability for defects in products and services (hereinafter "complaint"), including information about where a complaint can be applied and perform warranty repairs.

As is below this claims procedure occurs designation "seller" is understood by xTechnology Ltd. and if the text appears designation "buyer" is understood to mean a consumer as defined in the Consumer Protection Act, the seller who purchased certain goods .

1.2 Complaints procedure is available on the seller's website

1.3 By entering into the purchase agreement between the seller and the buyer or the conclusion of the work between the seller and the buyer accesses the consumer to the conditions set out in this Complaint Procedure. Link to this Complaints procedure is given on the document confirming payment of the purchase price or prices for execution of the work or for document attesting the warranty period of the goods or services (warranty).

1.4 The Complaints procedure governs the rights of the buyer in order not to prejudice his rights guaranteed by the mandatory provisions of the laws of the particular provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (Act no. 250/2007 Coll.) And the Civil Code (Law no. 40/1964 Coll., As amended, regulations). After the warranty period covered by mandatory provisions of law are laid down in this Complaint Rules take precedence over the provisions of the legislation.

1.5 The Complaints procedure applies to the sale of products and provision of services by the seller for buyers - customers who meet the definition of consumer in accordance with applicable laws.

1.6 This Complaints procedure replaced by a statement of the seller under the provisions of § 620 paragraph. 3 of the Civil Code, which the seller determines the conditions and extent of warranty if the warranty period indicated in the warranty is longer than the legally guaranteed warranty period.

1.7 The warranty conditions stated in the warranty sellers have precedence over the provisions of this Complaints Procedure.

2 Liability for defects

2.1 The seller shall be liable for defects of the thing sold upon acceptance by the buyer (§ 619 of the Civil. Code). The period for exercising the right of liability for defects upon acceptance by the buyer (warranty period) 24 months (§ 620 of the Civil. Code).

2.2 The Buyer shall be entitled to the sold thing before taking over at. Seller is not liable for defects that could determine the buyer during the inspection, in particular, is not responsible if the buyer later will complain about the missing equipment purchased item or mechanical damage Affairs detectable by the inspection. Seller is not responsible for such defects even then if the buyer has not used the opportunity to examine the purchased item.

2.3 In the cases the seller is not liable for defects caused by their use or wear. Cases sold at a lower price is not liable for defects for which was negotiated lower price.

2.4 The warranty period starts from the date of receipt by the buyer. The time from application of the law of liability for defects until such time as the purchaser after repairs over the case, does not count for the warranty period. If the exchange of goods, the warranty period shall begin to run again from the receipt of new goods (§ 627 of the Civil. Code).

2.5 If it is not a matter that spoils quickly, or used items, the seller is liable for defects that occur after taking the case under warranty (guarantee). The duration of the warranty period shall be governed by the laws of the particular provisions of the Civil Code, unless the seller the document certifying acceptance things marked on longer duration of the warranty period. Function can satisfy the warranty card and invoice or delivery note unless the vendor on them indicate the duration of the warranty period.

2.6 If the purchased item, its packaging or instructions attached to it indicated limit for the use case, and this ends later than the deadline indicated by the seller in the warranty takes precedence designation warranty period seller. Characterized seller warranty period may not be less than guaranteed by law warranty period.

3 Disclaimers

3.1 The warranty covers malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect case. The warranty does not cover defects things when they arrive were caused by:

a) natural wear and tear

b) failure to comply with the principles of use (improper operation and maintenance contrary to operating instructions)

c) mechanical damage to the product, including random, particularly of plastic or metal parts

d) improper electrical interference, surges or electrostatic discharge treatment

e) operating the product outside the specifications of the manufacturer (overclocking, etc.).

f) natural elements

g) operating in unsuitable environment and damaged by improper handling

3.2 The warranty does not apply to:

a) goods with incomplete, damaged or removed serial number or other identification mark

b) products with broken warranty seal, labels optionally other security features

c) to consumable parts consumed before the end of warranty

d) goods which expired at the date of receipt of the repair warranty period.

e) failure caused by the use of components other than recommended by the manufacturer or supplier, as well as repair or modification by persons other than persons authorized by the manufacturer or supplier.

f) the firmware preinstalled software or damaged by improper use, or the influence of a computer virus, or for any damages incurred as a result:

g) damage caused by the use of non-genuine consumables (ribbons, toners, etc.)

h) defects caused by accidental or deliberate intrusion of liquids, insects or foreign objects get inside the product

i) damage resulting from the professional or commercial exploitation of products for household use

j) if the defect manifests itself only when you use the software, in which the buyer is not able to substantiate legal way acquisition, or use of unauthorized software and consumables.

a) dead batteries, battery capacity reduction caused by the wear and tear or leakage

l) product that shows signs of attempted forced open

4 unfounded complaint

As long as the repair found that the defect arose causing the exclusion of warranty repairs or defect described on the product to customers not show the seller may recover the costs associated with the complaint (15, - EUR).

In the event that the claim will not be recognized as legitimate, as well as acknowledge the expert may be costs associated with the processing of the complaint charged to the purchaser and the goods returned after the payment of the costs of unjustified complaints.

5 Limited Warranty

When the type of software product warranty applies only to the physical installation media readability. Moment removing protective equipment (foils, seals, opening envelopes, etc.). Buyer becomes authorized user of the software product license agreement and accept the software manufacturer. This article is no longer possible to go back to the seller.

Consumables (ribbons, toners, jet head, battery, etc..) Is of limited warranty (only functional defects), even though it is part of the printer on which the guarantee is longer. If the cartridge is consumed by more than 10% of ink will not be recognized by the claim. Part of the claim protocol must also print cartridges with proven error.

Buyers are advised to make backup copies of all data and programs and select Data storage media before submitting complaints and service center. Service Provider are not responsible for damage or loss of any programs or data.

Warranty does not apply to things or parts on which was broken warranty seal or sticker.

6 Application of liability for defects (complaint)

6.1 Rights of liability for defects shall apply: Addresses and phone numbers find buyers in the warranty or are aware on the website or by phone. 0902 067,183th Address for complaints: | xTechnology Ltd., Bulharská 42, 917 01 Trnava

6.2 Rights of liability for defects in the goods such as the right to exchange goods, the right to withdraw from the contract and the right to an adequate discount buyer applies solely in service of the seller.

6.3 The complaint shall be accompanied by the warranty card (if issued) and proof of payment of the purchase price. Without these documents will not be accepted thing to complain. A person who claim defects, to be completed with the worker traffic complaint protocol, which accurately describe the defect and the way in which the defect manifests and transmit the defective thing the seller. In the complaint protocol indicating the person having a claim contact address (e-mail, phone number) to which the seller is informed about the method of complaint. Seller is not responsible for ensuring that the above contact address could not be sent notification delivered.

6.4 If the defect can be removed and if you satisfy its claim does not require special expertise and inquiries or request an expert assessment, the buyer has the right to the manner of its equipment decided the person entitled to the equipment for warranty service without undue delay, the complex cases within three working days. In this period does not include the time required for expert assessment of defects. Time limit for settlement of the claim, however, shall not exceed thirty days unless an extension of this period is not due to the buyer by or call the seller did not timely or proper manner, or missing the necessary documents had not furnished him reasonably required by its other necessary cooperation to the equipment or if its extension of this law provided its length in interest alone requested in writing by the purchaser.

6.5 If the seller not accept the complaint within three working days of its application, the seller is obliged to send goods at their own expense to the professional judgment (§ 18 par. 4 Consumer Protection Act). This obligation has a warranty service (§ 18 par. 8 Consumer Protection Act).

6.6 The seller is obliged to issue a complaint to a written document within 30 days of the date of the claim (§ 18 par. 6 of the Act). This document is a written complaint with protocol and boxes settlement of the claim, a letter containing a written notice of the settlement of the claim, or SMS messages containing information on the settlement of the claim.

6.7 If the defect can be removed, the buyer has the right to be free, timely and properly removed. The seller is obliged defect without undue delay but not later than within 30 days after receiving the complaint removed.

6.8 The seller can always instead of removing defects replace the defective thing for durability.

6.9 If, after receipt of the complaint establishes that the case has a defect that is indelible, and which prevents the case could properly be used as a thing without defects, the buyer has the right to exchange things or have the right to withdraw from the contract.

6.10 The same rights as referred to in paragraph 6.9 belong to the buyer if it is indeed a removable defect, but can not buy the recurrence of the same defect repair after the third thing properly taken.

6.11 The same rights as referred to in paragraph 6.9 belong to the buyer in case the same thing at least three different removable defects, each of which prevents proper use.

12.6 If it is not possible to settle the claim within the prescribed statutory purchaser within 30 days pursuant to Section 6.1 or, if this is to not recall that period in its meaning without the fault or the request of the buyer, the seller must after this period to proceed with its equipment under this Complaint Regulations as if it were a defect that can not be removed.

13.6 In case of irreparable defect that does not preclude proper use of the goods, the buyer is entitled to a reasonable price discount.

14.6 If the buyer has the right to exchange the goods or the right of withdrawal (refund) depends on the buyer, which of these rights can apply. However, as soon as you choose one of these rights can not have that choice itself unilaterally change. When returning the purchase price higher value credit note will be issued to the purchaser and the purchase price will be paid to the account of the buyer within 14 days.

6.15 After the law guaranteed the warranty period, but even during the warranty period indicated by the seller in the warranty shall apply all provisions as to the handling of complaints set out in paragraphs 6.7 to 6.12, with the difference that the right to choose how the complaint is transferred to the seller and the period for complaints is extended to 60 days. Due to the rapid technological developments in the field of products sold by the seller, the seller in the case of exchange buyer to replace the defective thing after another flawless (even another brand), which meets the minimum performance parameters such thing as claimed.

7 Downloading claimed Affairs

7.1 If the purchaser under the provisions of the Complaints Procedure and the provisions of relevant laws under the obligation to take the claimed matter from the seller or by the seller in accordance with the Complaints Procedure or the applicable laws of the takeover claimed invite things, the buyer must, without undue delay but not later than referred to in paragraph 7.2

7.2 In the event that the buyer does not take the claimed matter within six months from the date when his obligation to take the claimed matter arose or the date of delivery of the request the seller to assume this case, the seller has the right of disposal (§ 656 paragraph. 2 of the Civil. Code). If the seller knows the buyer is required to be pre-informed about the intended sale. If the sale of unclaimed things, the buyer pays the seller the sale proceeds, after deduction of the main storage costs and other amounts due from the buyer.

8 Final Provisions

8.1 In matters that are not in this Complaint Procedure expressly otherwise provided, shall apply to the relevant case is applicable provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection, Civil Code, Law no. 372/1990 Coll. on Offences, as amended, and other relevant generally binding legal regulations.

This Complaints Procedure shall enter into force on 1. 1. 2014

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