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With SwitchEasy™ Colors for iPod Touch 5G, we have created a revolution in silicone case design. The first thing you'll notice is that the home button is different. We have included our Colors signature hard resin coated button; to enhance the tactility for the button you use the most - The Home Button. We have hand picked a few colors, which we are confident that will complement your iPod Touch. SwitchEasy™ Colors for iPod Touch 5G comes initially in 8 fantastic colors (Slate, White, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Red, Turquoise and Viola), which complement any fashion needs. All the button elements are meticulously engineered to allow easy access and ultimate tactile response. It's just not in our gene to make yet another rubber wrapper in the market.


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This special ScratchStopper protective film has a fat-resistant layer that makes fingerprints less visible and easier to remove. The film reduces the presence of oil and grease residues that your fingers may leave behind on the display screen. The film does not affect the usability of the iPod touch. The film is matte with a slightly rubberized surface, which gives the touch screen a better grip, making it easier to use. The ScratchStopper film is cut to the size of the display and covers it completely. Once applied the iPod touch is perfectly protected and will operate as usual.


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