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Fresco case iPad Air made of soft polyurethane rubber with a fine ridged effect, which begs to be touched and held. Due to its MagLocker system, patented by Tucano and fitted to the retractable rear flap, it is possible to fix the cover to the back of the case to keep it out of the way. The front lock is also magnetic, making both more secure and more elegant: infact it attaches without a sound and it stays put. With a simple movement, lifting the flap at the back, Fresco changes into a pratical stand with free tilt, so you can choose the most suitable angle for writing, browsing the internet, watching a film, or viewing a photo album. Inside, Fresco is lined with a soft, anti-scratch microfibre material, while the side-insertion frame with safety flap keeps the iPad secure without no possibility that it might fall out.


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Hard folio case for iPad Air It shields and protects the iPad thanks to the front and back rigid framework. The Filo case has a simple design which leaves the iPad front side completely clear, as well as the edges of the device: the iPad Air fastens to the case through a few rigid plastic points of attachment. With just one gesture the case turns in a comfortable, multiple-position stand to read, write and watch videos.


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