Artwizz CarbonFilm Back for iPhone SE/5S/5 - white


Backside protection in carbon design for the iPhone 5

Code 1995-CFB-P5-W
Manufacturer Artwizz
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The hoods and rear spoilers of sports cars are not the only ones that can be upgraded with a carbon film. Now even your iPhone can shine like a racecar with our carbon film backing for the iPhone 5. The carbon design reflects light differently depending on the angle, creating a remarkable effect. The noticeable microstructure of the surface of the carbon film creates a unique feel.
Protect the back of your iPhone 5 against scratches, dirt and fingerprints with the carbon film back, so you toss your iPhone on a table without having to worry or scratching your iPhone. 
The carbon film is made of sturdy material and don’t leave behind any residue upon removal. The film is cut to the size of the iPhone 5 and fits over the back completely. With carbon film back your iPhone 4 is fully protected.

1x CarbonFilm Back for the backside
1x Microfiber cloth

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