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iEnjoy is a local Apple expert that is providing its services in Slovakia since 2011, when it was licensed by Apple©, Inc.
As part of the Apple Premium Reseller (APR) program was iEnjoy located in Trnava, Slovac Republic, designed by Apple to expand and improve the market coverage and customer experiences in EMEA countries.
Its unique and beautiful design belongs to the latest and most advanced Apple Showrooms in the World. iEnjoy presents a complete portfolio of Apple products including the iPhone, iPad & iPod family, the full range of Apple Mac computers and a wide range of complimentary third party products and accessories from world renowned manufacturers.
All iEnjoy employees are professionally trained and can provide specialist advice.

At the beginning of the story was thought to bring iEnjoy selling Apple Premium Reseller status of the inhabitants of Trnava Trnava region. The realization of this idea worked hard iEnjoy the almost year 2011. Trnava has seen the opening ceremony of the showroom on 2.12.2011. And it was a Grand Opening as it should be. Opening was associated with a lot of competition and a rich accompanying program under the baton of Matthias moderator the figure, alias Saif. IEnjoy showroom in the Trade Centre Gallery is the newest and most modern in Slovakia. It has an area of more than 80 m ² and it gives you a full range of Apple products and a large number of different accessories from world renowned manufacturers for your Mac, iPhone, iPod or iPad. In June 2013 iEnjoy ended his activity as a shop and focuses on the best Internet services and sale of reputable manufacturers.

Training, workshops, competitions and a number of other benefits for you

The store is for you to enjoy young, professionally trained sales team. Happy to advise you, show you try to explain, help, in short, everything for you to the showroom iEnjoy odcházali always satisfied. Our goal is to provide you quality services to meet the most demanding IT requirements, expectations and offer you solutions "tailored" to peace. Our mission is to spread user awareness of this unique brand, not only to fans of the Macintosh platform, as well as new users Apple products had the opportunity to try and familiarize themselves with the responsibility of these great products. Let us through training and workshops to showcase Apple's values​​, which are:

  • innovation, 
  • integration, 
  • Ease of use, 
  • Value added, 
  • great people 

You will note that the values ​​resulting from the application of Apple's customer experience that can not be compared with any purchase, other product.

We have prepared the best prices for all products

Through our e-shop at provide convenient distribution and sale of Apple products and a wide range of accessories into your home or business in Slovakia but also the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. Our intention in creating e-shop company iEnjoy it so we can offer the best prices in Slovakia. We believe that we have successfully met this objective. You can be sure that buy from us best. Most of our products can be deliverable within 48 hours.

Do not hesitate to see our e-shop

In addition to great prices and high level of service into the future you can prepare for a variety of sú'taží attractive prizes. Our winners have already enjoyed from their iPads and iPods as well as accessories. Prices are not yet alluring. Watch our website and as well our group on Facebook. Benefits for our fans and customers as well as the general public will be organizing training and workshops. About all you will be informed in advance carefully. Our team looks forward to meeting you and hope that you and us. IEnjoy team brings a unique experience that will enrich your lifestyle to the fullest!

This was the Showroom during its existence from 2011 to 2013:

Quick contact

Phone: [+421] 904 260 532

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