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How to create your own ringtone for iPhone

A quick guide how to create your own ringtone for iPhone in less than 2 minutes ...

How quickly crop the photo on the iPhone

Currently iOS 5 offers two ways to crop photos to desired size. Using photo editing directlyfrom the built-in IOS application or using tricks with screenshots. If you prefer speed toresolution, to take advantage of the latter.

How to set up a shortcut for e-mail, telephone or frequently used phrases

iPhone and iOS system itself is actually very simple and user friendly. Why not take advantage of all its features and even more to simplify and accelerate the work with text?This guide will show you the speed to set a keyboard shortcut for email, phone number orfrequently used phrases.

How to share the position with e-mail messages or via twitter.

If you are ever looking for the opportunity to share your current location to another or usingMaps, you are right. This option is very effective when friends and relatives need to knowyour current location or be directed to the desired location. Open Maps. Locate the desired position or leave the application to locate you. Press the "pin" the red headed. The name ofthe location name as a blue arrow on the right side. Press the arrow. A new view of the [...]

3 tips for making the photos with iPhone

The camera on the phone? In the past, unrealistic, today almost every turn. Big boom insmall and cheap compact slowed with the advent of improved chips in cell phones and theirpeople are increasingly being used for everyday photography. Of course not satisfy thedemanding needs of digital zdkadlovky only. On the other hand, we have a phone at all times and use the mobile Internet almost immediately, we may share your moments of life.

5 tricks with the keyboard, which you should know.

If you have recently acquired a iPhone / iPhone / iPod touch and your family in the newApple devices possibly even nevužívate full keyboard functionality. Just for you, here are some tips on how to increase productivity.

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